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Adventure Diver
Want to take your diving to the next level? Well look no further! Become a Adventure Diver today and start experiencing the exciting adventures the world of diving has to offer.

The Adventure Diver program is the perfect opportunity to gain additional experience and skills under the guidance of a professional.

To become a Adventure Diver you need your Open Water certification (or equivalent) and the desire to experience thrilling adventures. This in-water performance based program includes a total of three dives from the list below:

Specialties Available to divers 10 years old and older:
AWARE-Fish Identification
Underwater Naturalist
Boat Underwater Navigator
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Underwater Photography

Specialties Available to divers 12 years old and older:
Altitude Multilevel
Deep Night
Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)
Search and Recovery
Drift Underwater Videography
Dry Suit Wreck

If you're 15 or older, and a Open Water Diver or equivalent, then you're ready for the Adventure Diver program. Or, if you're a Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent and between the ages of 10-14, there's the Junior Adventure Diver program.

After successfully completing the program, you'll receive the Adventure Diver certification. Now, take the next step! Complete two more adventure dives (must include deep and navigation) and become a Advanced Open Water Diver.

If you would look more info on upcoming classes, call or email us at rick@diveworldscuba.com. We look forward to hearing from you.