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Upcoming Classes

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Open Water Certification

  • Classes start DAILY. We can accommodate your schedule. Our pool is in the store so everything is convenient. You need a bathing suit and towel. We have the rest.

    The Details.
    The program starts with a prequalification interview. This is to insure there are no medical problems that could effect or create dive related problems. A short questionnaire is used for this evaluation. This is followed by a briefing on program details (usually about 5 minutes) and then home study materials are discussed and provided. The 10 to 15 minutes required for the prequalification allows you to meet the staff, see the pool in which you will begin scuba diving, and to have all questions answered on your certification program. In addition, a tentative schedule is established for the pool diving portion as well as for your first exciting exploration of open water diving.

    Weekend 1
    Pool time is usually scheduled for the first weekend after your prequalification interview. Saturday starts with a short review of the materials covered in the home study program (you either watched a dvd and read the Manual or used the eLearning on your computer). We want to insure there were no unanswered questions on the materials covered. This is followed by several hours in the pool, "learning by diving".

    Sunday, the routine is repeated, with you developing a number of new skills, as well as reviewing the activities of Saturday.

    Weekend 2
    It's Saturday and it's time to go the lake. It's time to visit the friendly fish, all waiting in about 25 feet of water for a handout. It's time to see the bass as they keep their distance, but also satisfy their curiosity about these new underwater explorers who are visiting their home. You also will repeat the skills you learned in the pool. It's a fun day of diving that usually ends about 3 in the afternoon.

    Sunday is a repeat of Saturday, providing more experience and more fun. After completion of the final dives you are qualified to receive your Open Water Certification and then it's barbecue time. What better way for people in Texas to celebrate than with a barbecue! It also provides an opportunity to visit with all the other divers who are there, enjoying a day at the lake.

    While this is brief, it provides a general idea of the agenda for obtaining your Open Water Certification. We also offer evening classes, meeting twice weekly for two weeks, followed by the Open Water certification dives.

    For those whose schedules conflict with the above, we also offer private classes that can meet at your convenience. On site pools allow us to meet your needs at your convenience.

    Advanced Open Water Certification

  • Classes start WEEKLY. Increasing your diving knowledge and skills is a great way to increase the pleasure of diving.

    IDC Class

  • If you would look more info on upcoming classes, call or email us at rick@diveworldscuba.com. We look forward to hearing from you.