G2 Complete Wrist + Transmitter (smart+pro)

G2 Complete Wrist + Transmitter (smart+pro)


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Part Number:05.080.202 Manufacturer: Scubapro

G2 Complete Wrist + Transmitter (smart+pro)

With all of its new features, its full-color screen options, plus the ability to use as much or little of the technology as you want, the GALILEO 2 (G2) is poised to become the favorite computer for divers of all skill levels, from beginner to tech diver. It’s easy to read -- a choice of four colorful screens quickly draws your attention to what you need to know. It’s easy to use -- the G2 has the same three-button control, incredibly intuitive menu structure, and diver-friendly functions that earned the Galileo its reputation as the hands-down easiest computer to use. Designed go anywhere -- open water to freediving to CCR to sidemount, the G2 is ready to go wherever your passion for diving takes you. Bundle includes a Transmitter Smart + Pro for wireless air integration.

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