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Part Number:RG148002 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG


The Leg3nd MBS allows divers with the simple turn of a knob to adjust two essential parameters. This revolutionary combination makes possible the adjustment of Venturi effect and inhalation effort simply and simultaneously. The diver quickly and easily adapts regulator’s performance to its breathing preferences. 

Technical Features 

• Auto-Balanced (also known as Over-Balanced): While most modern regulators can compensate tank air pressure drops as you scuba dive, they can’t balance the variations of the ambient hydrostatic pressure as you descend deeper. 

• Integrated dry chamber keeps inner components clean and dry by isolating them from the outside environment 

• Deep ribs create a large heat exchange surface area that helps to prevent ice forming on the mechanism 

• With the MBS on minimum position (only one full rotation): The spring is fully compressed and the inhalation effort is about 3 mbar higher. A free flow is contained when the venturi blade restricts the injection outlet. 

• With the MBS on maximum position, injection of the airstream is unrestricted and the flow is maximized.

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