Dive World Scuba Center

Dive World Scuba Center

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Beginning Diver Programs


Diving offers different benefits to different people. It can be Calm and Relaxing or Adrenaline Pumping. It's easy, Challenging and you can even make an Exotic Travel Adventure out of it. Old, young, able-bodied, physically-challenged, timid, adventurous, technophile, high income, modest income, professional, amateur, student, retired--diving will offer something for everyone and will offer you Adventure and Activities Now and as Your Desires Change. Few other activities have such versatility. At Dive World our Team of Professional Instructors and Staff will INTRODUCE you to the UNDERWATER WORLD.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, and don't just open the phone book and start calling to see who can certify you the "CHEAPEST" or "QUICKEST". We probably won't win that honor. It's difficult to be the "least expensive" when you offer the MOST. There is more to learning to Scuba Dive than just enrolling in a scuba class AND all DIVE COURSES ARE NOT EQUAL. A couple of people on our current staff found this out---the hard way. At Dive World Scuba diving is a lifestyle that offers many years of Excitement and Enjoyment for the Whole Family. When you consider the complete package that Dive World offers, we know you will not be be disappointed--AND--We Guarantee It. Take a Tour of Our Facilities at West Avenue or Thousand Oaks and Meet Our Staff so we can show you why WE ARE DIFFERENT.

If you are not certified, but interested in information about our beginning diver programs, Please Contact us by email or give us a call. We have Classes Starting Every Other Weekend, Evening Classes, Daytime Classes, and We can Customize Class Schedules.

We have been Certifying Divers in San Antonio since 1978, and have taught 3 generations of divers in a number of families. Our Modern "In Store, Heated " Pools, which are kept at 86 degrees year around, provide our divers with the optimum learning conditions. The Dive World training system, recognized as one of the most modern and progressive scuba training programs in existence, has set the guidelines for our training for over 36 years.

We look forward to meeting you. YOUR FUN IS JUST BEGINNING!

Our Diving Programs have been designed to be Educational, Informative, and FUN. Our Team of Instructors have Over 75 years of combined diving instructor experience. Our Indoor Heated Pools were designed for learning scuba (not a 3 ft lap pool or a swimming pool outside) which allow each and every student diver to get the special skill attention they need and deserve. No kiddie pools at Dive World.

Onsite Indoor Heated Pools also Allow our Students the Opportunity to Practice their Dive Skills, Try New Dive Equipment, and Refresh before a Diving Vacations. Many DIVE WORLD previous STUDENTS come by to "JUST TAKE A DIVE", and all at No Charge. Having our Education Rooms and Indoor Heated Pools on premises makes learning to Scuba Dive more convenient and fun (NO LUGGING YOUR GEAR BACK AND FORTH TO A COLD OUTDOOR POOL SOMEWHERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN). Dive World provides each student with a complete well maintained scuba system and assures each person a proper fit.

Dive World offers you the opportunity to START CLASSES DAILY. We offer flexibility in all schedules and you can always call us for additional information or for answers to specific questions that you may have. You can even receive college credits for our diving program. We offer more because we have more to offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Contact Us At Rick@diveworldscuba.com With Any Questions

(210) 403-3721 - Thousand Oaks

(210) 734-5526 - West Avenue