G2 Console w/QR

G2 Console w/QR


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Part Number:05.081.111 Manufacturer: Scubapro

G2 Console w/QR

The full-color G2C shares most of the user-friendly and high-tech features of the new wrist-mount G2, plus offers a cell phone-style portrait-shaped screen and a direct connection to the tank in place of a hoseless transmission. The G2C is the most diverse and customizable console computer available. From thoughtful design details like easy-to-read screen templates to an intuitive menu system to personalized color choices -- the G2C is literally tailored to you. With all of its features, its ease of use, its screen options, its ultra-reliable air pressure monitoring, plus the ability to utilize as much or as little of the technology as you want, the G2C is designed go anywhere -- wherever your passion for diving takes you.

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